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A joint venture between two major parties from Hong Kong and Indonesia was formed and operated under the company PT.SANDRATEX. The factory started with 200 sewing machines and 300 workers under an initial investment of US$200,000. It produced denim jeans that were solely exported to Europe.


The factory partnered with a Singapore company and our investment switched from local-based (PMDN) to foreign-based (PMA). Our factory was then registered in the name of PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT. PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT switches production to men's shirts and ladies's blouses as these items were quota free and had future potential that seemed compatible with our long-term business plan. Soon, the company began to grow; employees skills increased, advanced machines were installed and more and more customers gave us their support.


Sleepwear and the high-fashion nightgowns became popular in the market. We decided to start these products as our facility was fully suited and capable of producing them. We also grew to a medium-sized quality garment factory with 400 sewing machines, 600 workers and a monthly productivity of 10,000 dozen woven shirts and blouses.


To cope with our rapid expanding business, we built a new factory in Tangerang called PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT. It was designed by a German architect and had lots of natural environment and circulation surrounding the factory. By now, the factory was running 600 sewing machines, 900 workers and an increased monthly productivity of 15,000 dozen woven shirts and blouses, woven and knitted sleepwear, and polyester nightgowns.


As recognition for our long-developed quality production system, one of our major customers, Levi's Strauss & Co., awarded us with the Recognition of Outstanding Performance indicating that we have become one of the top-ranked quality garment producers in the market.


With further business growth, we built a second building, PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT , next to the existing PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT factory. We added 400 sewing machines and 800 workers for the production of woven and knitted sleepwear, polyester nightgowns, boxers, bathrobes and rompers. By now, our production was running a total of 1,000 sewing machines (500 machines for shirts and blouses and 500 machines for sleepwear, nightgowns, boxers and others) and 1,700 workers with a monthly productivity of 30,000 dozen in various garment items.


In care that lots of people in Jakarta had lost their jobs due to the monetary crisis in Asia and the political instability in Indonesia, PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT decided to turn the risky situation into an opportunity. Instead of shrinking our business like other factories, we further expanded our factory and business to create more employment for others. With the support from our government, our workers and our customers, we survived this difficult period. By the end of the year, our production boosted to a total of 1,200 sewing machines, 2,000 workers and reached our historical monthly productivity of 40,000 dozen in various garment items.In the same year, we received the ISO9002 Quality Certificate from the world-known International Organization for Standardization or ISO, with proof that our products and management system ranked as one of the world's highest standard of quality.We also received an award from the American organization of Program for Appropriate Technology in Health or PATH supported by the Indonesia HIV/AIDS Foundation for rewarding our yearly contribution of educating our workers on AIDS prevention. Along with our business goals, it is important to achieve a healthy social environment.


PT.SANDRAFINE GARMENT joint ventured with a garment factory in Cambodia that was running 400 sewing machines and producing woven shirts and blouses under the name of our subsidiary company, Maylink Industrial Limited.


One of our major customers, the world-known May Departement Stores International, granted us with the outstanding performance award.


We installed automatic conveyor sewing lines (ETON) to improve our product quality and to meet increased productivity.


An additional finishing line with folding tables was implemented.


We continue to upgrade and buy state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Kannegeisser DX1000 pressing machine.


We set up independent Quality Control Auditors to maintain our high-quality-garment-standarts to our major customers.


One of our major customer, POLO RALPH LAUREN, recognized our Quality Control Auditors as Certified Polo Ralph Lauren Quality Control Auditors.


Another our major customer, GAP Inc., authorized our Quality Control Auditor as GAP Designated Auditor (DA).


We have registered for assessment and advisory services with Better Work Indonesia (BWI) - BWI is part of the Better Work global programme, which is a unique partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Another our Quality Control Auditor is recognized as a Certified Ralph Lauren Quality Control Auditor.


We reach “QA Full Empowerment” status from GAP Inc.